Grell – An unreliable narrator, were he to narrate.  Primarily concerned with his own survival.  Took a beating from the Man in the Mists but was warned against seeking payback.

The Man in the Mists – A young, polite man capable of terrible things.  Has strange methods of dealing with problems, stemming from his unusual take on the world.  Unnaturally attached to the Revealer of Silver.

Revealer of Silver – A revealer of the second water, her ability is crucial to the plot in “Agenda.”  Something passed between her and the Man in the Mists.

Walker in Twilight – Seldom seen.  This fact really ought to cause more concern.

The Princess of Eight – Royalty; she rarely speaks except at official functions.  Favors light colored clothes, which she must frequently replace due to her vulgar habit of getting blood on them, as shown in “Hither.”

The old woman – An information broker who is dangerous in her own right.  Respects the Man in the Mists; deals with Grell.

The Deathless – Possibly a misnomer.

Unnamed Arcanist – Possibly one of the named persons.  Possibly not.

Pastoral – A diplomat that no one can afford to ignore.  Precisely what he can do has not been shown, but nobody sane really wants him to demonstrate.

Issei – A man to whom strange things happen.  Arguably one of the most normal people around.

Tsundere – A walking, talking, property-destroying concept.  Fond of kittens.

Mr. Black – Retired.