Tsundere of Mysteries began with an unnamed character whose disposition was that of a survivor.  Yet despite that, he couldn’t help but be interested in some pretty dangerous things.  Eventually, he needed a name, so in allusion to his tendencies to analyze things, he was dubbed Grell.

But of course, a survivor would not stick around beings of immense cosmic power and emotional instability – it just isn’t good for one’s survival odds.  Thus the story began to focus on some of the others in the original group. Eventually they met still other characters, perhaps the most memorable being Tsundere, Pastoral, and Issei.  These three characters, together with the man in the mists, formed the nucleus of a new group.  Tsundere of Mysteries, as a story, is their journey.

This was originally published on my personal blog, but it deserves its own stand-alone site so that people can experience it without other updates interfering.


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